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jordanathedrunk's Journal


jordanathedrunk @ livejournal.com →
5 March 1990
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i am: i find happiness in simple things: i watch: i love the pretty people: i listen to:
Jordanna→Jordan. 19. Female. Lives between the mountains in Utah.
Photography. Writing. Stormy weather. Modeling. Television. Obsessing. Literature. Photoshop. Reading. Nighttime. Romance. Animals. Things that are black. Roses. Dancing. Sushi. Music. Hair dye. Clubs.
Law & Order: SVU, Californication, Dexter, House M.d., Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Will & Grace, The X-files, Weeds, Family Guy, Nanny 911, Vh1 Reality, Saturday Night Live, Cops, Spongebob Squarepants
Mariska Hargitay, Sandra Bullock, Gillian Anderson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Megan Mullally, Lisa Edelstein, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Hugh Laurie, Christopher Meloni, Debra Messing, David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Drew Barrymore, Celine Dion, Ellen Page, David Boreanaz, Megan Fox, Diane Neal, Mary Louis Parker, Richard Belzer, Mary-Kate Olsen
Cold War Kids, Bon Iver, Brand New, Andrew Bird, Peter Bjorn & John, The Pixies, Franz Ferdinand, Lily Allen, Fiona Apple, Paramore, Melissa Etheridge, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, Boyce Avenue, Verve Pipe, Avril Lavigne, Led Zepplin, Jay-Z, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Violent Femmes, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Erasure, Placebo, The Beatles,

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